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That gig meme...

Stolen from sbisson -

  1. First gig: The Global Village Trucking Company, Gong, a Punch & Judy Show (and I mean a show) and two other bands at the Liverpool Stadium, circa 1974/1975.
    [Later] Actually, now I've slept on it, I think my first gig was Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the Liverpool Empire, probably in 1974.

  2. Last: Judie Tzuke at the Arts Centre in Southport, last year (November, I think).

  3. Next: Eddi Reader at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, in May.

  4. Best: The first Split Enz gig I saw at Eric's, in Liverpool, 1977.

  5. Worst: Probably Supertramp at the Liverpool Stadium, just before Crime of the Century came out. I fell asleep.

  6. Memorable: The first Hootie and The Blowfish gig I saw at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. The second time was damned good too.

  7. Sadly missed: Talking Heads - on a free to members night at Eric's in Liverpool (1977ish). I never saw them live but managed to accidently heckle David Burn when he did a show in Wolverhampton.

  8. Always a pleasure: Judie Tzuke - far better live than in the studio (sorry Jude!).

  9. Best venue: For shear breadth of choice and access, The Civic Hall in Wolverhampton. For memories, Eric's in Liverpool.

  10. Worst venue: A club in New Brighton where I roadied for a couple of local bands - I got electricuted once!

  11. Like to see: Colin Vearnecombe.

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