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What a weekend.

All was fine this weekend until Sunday afternoon.
I managed to pop XP on my main machine and have a little play with my shiny new scanner, which arrived on Friday. We managed to buy some shelving from B&Q at half price, visited Jane's mum and went to the pub. Jane started work on the hanging baskets for this year and I picked un my new spectacles from Specsavers (what a name).
On Sunday, while Jane was round at Pat & John's retrieving the hanging baskets from their shed, Sophie, one of out cats, did a runner. Our moggies (and they are moggies) are only allowed out under semi-supervision. They have to be in if we're out, and they're not allowed to stay out after dark.
Jane let Ephie, Sophie and Tortie out while she was at Pat & John's. A couple of hours later Jane realised that she hadn't seen Sophie for some time. She very rarely strays from the garden and wasn't in any of her usual sleeping places. What ensued included lots of wailing & gnashing of teeth and tears, me walking about hoping to spot Sophie wandering about (yeh, right) and me knocking on neighbours doors asking them to check sheds for lock-ins.
By the time we'd eaten Jane had given up all hope of ever seeing the soft mog again. Then, on my way to the kitchen I spotted Sophie sitting by the front door waiting to come in. Five hours after she'd disappeared.
More tears issued forth with one very tired and slightly bemused cat being cuddled to death.
I wasn't anywhere near as emotional at Jane but I'm glad she's back.

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