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Did I lie when I was 17?

I had a good weekend. Steve and Debbie were visiting, to go to the Liverpool Beer Festival in the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral.
On the way to the festival we ate at Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately this took a large chunk out of the day making us too late to see the inside of the Anglican Cathedral.
We met Ian and Debbie & Linda and Alan in the festival. The crypt is an amazing place and a wonderful venue for just about anything.
On Sunday I cooked breakfast for Steve and Debbie and then we waved good-bye to them. Jane and I spent the afternoon watching "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world".
Then this morning it all went wrong. As well as having to come back to work, Jane announces that the washing machine hasn't emptied again. This is a big surprise to me as she'd asked me to clear the filter, which she knew was blocked. Why the hell did she put another wash on? I ended up spending half an hour trying to remove the filter, which eventually broke. I was then in trouble because the washing machine is broken.

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