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Another Saturday night.

What's worse than a pub with Kareoke? A pub with loud Kareoke music but no singers.
That's what we were faced with last night at the Telegraph. When I asked if it would be possible to turn it down the reply was "I don't think so". So, yet another pub falls to the noisy gits of this world.

I just wonder, why on earth would anybody think listening to mediocre instrumental versions of popular songs, at a volume that makes conversation impossible, is entertainment? If it had been the original versions it might have been acceptable, but there you go, rant over.

I finally looked at the PC I picked up from AK this morning. Oh dear, the NIC is missing. I called AK but, not surprisingly, no one is there. I'll have to call them tomorrow. If I get through everything else I need to do today I'll call StCu and ask if he's a card I can borrow. At least then I'll be able to get on with finishing the software install.

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