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Tea break's over...

I'm back on my head today and I think I'm getting a cold. I've been very sneezy since yesterday and I've been coughing too.
Still, the holidays were, in general, fun. Jane was never really ill, which, for Christmas, is a turn up for the books. We managed to go to Rob's 50th, met up with Debbie & Ian and bought tickets for the Liverpool Beer Festival (which is held in the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral!). We ate lots of food, spent new year's eve at Monroes (which we didn't think would be open) and had quite a few walks.
In between all this I installed Apache and Chili!Soft ASP on a NT box (which both work) - fixed a Java applet (a language I've never used before) did an amount of work on the French Lessons site and set up The Bok! site.
Now I'm back to lots of travelling, Cobol, PacBase, long days and no time to do anything I want.

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