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Fat and grinning...

that's me!
Amazingly we've reached Christmas Eve and Jane isn't ill! This is indeed a rare occurrence. Actually, Jane didn't sleep too well last night, waking up about 4 o'clock, but has managed to have a snooze after breakfast. She's currently cooking up a Shepherd's Pie for tea tonight.
I'm going to finish my coffee and then nip down the road for a couple of last minute essentials and then we're off for a walk.
If all goes well we're going to the pub this evening. Jane and Jimmy, from over the road, want to know what where doing tonight as does Pat and John from next door. If I can organise it we should all be in the Telegraph by early evening. (Unfortunately, there web site appears to have disappeared!)
It's always fun being out with the two Janes, John and Jimmy. The two Janes and John are a little bit taller than me but Jimmy towers above me. Stand me next to that lot and I look like the real short-arse that I am.

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