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Hemel Hempstead dodgems.

At breakfast this morning I found out that Pat and all the guests at the front of the house where spectators to a crash course in drunken driving. It appears Pat was woken at about 1 o'clock by a crashing noise and a revving engine. Pat and her husband got dressed and, once outside, were presented with a very drunk man busily trying to extricate his car from the one he'd just driven into. When he'd finally done this, having re-hit the first car and reversed into a large van a couple of times, he made off down the road swerving from side to side. He gave up after six more collisions and abandoned the car just before Queensway. Keeping in mind the state he was in it's lucky for the public that he never got to a main road. Not surprisingly, most of the road was awake by the time he reached the bottom of it and stalled the car. One onlooker said the driver was covered in blood.
The police arrested the man later and took him to hospital.
I slept though all of this.

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