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Quite a productive weekend really.


I arrived home dog tired to find Jane talking to Pat from next door, who's mother had died earlier in the week. Jane had tried to speak to Pat to pass on our condolences but she hadn't been available; hence her visit.
On her way out Pat was curious about the very large box sitting in the hall. I opened it up to show her my nice new 19" monitor. Also scattered about the house was also the new motherboard, some more memory and a new NIC. After some tarting about (and a late night) these are all now up and running.
We treated ourselves to a delivery pizza for tea.


A visit to see Jane's mum in the afternoon.
After some pre-Christmas shopping we had pasta for tea and blobbed out in front of the television.


Porridge for breakfast!
Another visit to see Jane's mum mid-afternoon. We walked there, which was nice. It was cold and windy but very bracing.
Fran and Gerry were there. Jane and I have decided that it's probably Gerry's fault that Pat gets so uptight and agitated. She and Gerry have never really got on. Gerry's turning into a really grumpy old man and really doesn't give Pat the leeway she needs. This frustrates her. After they'd gone she was much calmer.
Tea was a spicy chicken dish and baked potatoes. More TV in the evening.

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