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Pants and Banana Leaf

I didn't get back to my B&B until 7:15 on Monday night. This gave me about 45 minutes to get my act together before going out with Dave Lloyd.
I called Jane just before going out. Unfortunately she was having problems writing a letter. She had accidentally indented a paragraph and couldn't remove the formatting. Consequently I was still on the 'phone to her when Dave knocked on my door. It's difficult to visualise a word processing screen, complete with dodgy document, when you don't use the application often. Anyway, a call a little later confirmed that Jane had found a "remove formatting" button.
Dave and I weren't sure where we were going to eat. Dave had been told by some of his customers that there was a Greek restaurant in Hemel but I'd had no luck finding it in the Yellow Pages. On our way out we asked Pat about this and she hadn't heard of one either. However, she did recommend the new Thai restaurant Banana Leaf.
We had a couple of pints in the local Hogshead before eating. It was pretty quiet with about 10 people in the entire pub. Dave and I sat in the comfy chairs by the window, near to two young women. After about five minutes it was obvious that they were both drunk. This isn't a problem to me but what happened next surprised me a bit! One of them walked off leaving her friend alone. I was sitting opposite Dave and diagonally opposite her so Dave couldn't actually see what she was doing. I was yattering away to Dave, as I do, when she undid the belt on her jeans, zipped the fly down and then had a good root about in the front of her pants. I hasten to add that I didn't actually see anything but it was a shock anyway! The overall thing only lasted maybe 20 seconds but I was very surprised.
The meal was really good and much spicier than I expected it to be. I'll be returning, as will Dave.

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