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Of printers, CDs and Windows 98.

Part of the French Lessons project will be to issue a CD of their music. As well as the two cassette albums and the single we also have lots of material recorded in various studios and out on the road. None of us expect much demand for this so the discs will be burned as required. "Hmm", I thought, "I've been promising myself a new printer for some time. I'll buy one that prints directly onto CDs".
A nice new Epson Stylus Photo 950 arrived the weekend before last.
This will also allow me to finally move away from Windows 98. My old printer is a Canon LBP-460 and it has served me well. I only really ever use it for printing invoices and the very occasional letter. Until I replaced it I needed a machine with <= Windows 98 on it because it is a Windows GDI printer The Windows Printing System isn't supported on anything after 98.
So now I'm itching to print some photos and some CDs.

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