Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

A celebration of sorts.

Well, it's nearly one week since I last posted to my journal.
My ADSL switch router thing from Seg arrived as predicted, as did my MX Studio upgrade from eBay.
A nice side effect of the ADSL stuff was the microfilters. Since Home Highway was taken out we've been having trouble with Radio Merseyside coming through on the telephone extension handsets. Plugging the microfilters in has made this disappear.
Jane tells me "something's arrived from Demon". When I asked her what it was she said "Oh, I don't know - there's far too much to read!". Oh well, I can only assume it's the documentation for my Demon Express Solo account.
In other news, we bought a bed on Saturday for the master bedroom. The old one is going into the second bedroom, replacing the really old bed in there. This means that when I'm sent there because I'm snoring I'll have a better bed. Hurrah!
When we visited Jane's mum on Saturday she was in overdrive mode which is very hard work. It's difficult to keep up with what she's talking about.
Because of the storms on Sunday my train was cancelled on Monday (as was all the others) giving me an unexpected extra day at home. I used the time to catch up with the accountants for Jane's mum's accommodation fees. They've now been notified of Pat's assessment. We now have a revised fee figure along with a nice large credit that should be winging it's way to us soon. The outcome of all this means that I only have to find about £300 to cover her fees for October and November.
Work has been easy this week - lots of little, easy changes and bugs to fix.
Finally, last night, I had a call from Paul Butler. Paul has never been the greatest of communicators and I'd assumed he'd just decided not reply to my mails. I was wrong. He's been off work for the last year being treated and recovering from a tumour at the base of his spine. I'm so glad he's managed to fight it and recover so well.

More later...

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