Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Some time later...

My, I've been busy.
Anyway, the BT engineer turned up on Friday and took Home Highway out. During his line testing I found we are 1.3Km from the exchange. He told me I wouldn't have any problems with ADSL. That, it turns out, is true. However, he didn't manage to wire up the extensions correctly...
On Monday morning I tried to phone for a taxi but couldn't dial out. Dialling out didn't work on any of the extensions but did from the phone connected directly to the outside feed. An engineer reappeared on Tuesday and fixed this. Unfortunately, according to Jane, we can now hear Radio Merseyside quite clearly while using any of the extensions. This must be some form of punishment. I suppose I should get my act together and replace this ageing technology with a DECT system.
Thanks to pasticcio for the e-card a couple of days back.
[Thinks] I must catch up with my friends entries.

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