Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

BT/Demon/ISDN/ADSL and things.

When I was working at home last week I took the opportunity to call BT and ask them to remove Home Highway so I could have a go at installing ADSL. Hence, I'm home on a Thursday because the BT man is coming tomorrow to take out Home Highway. Quite rightly, Jane didn't want to deal with him.
I've just filled in the application form for Demon Solo, requesting monthly billing. This should be interesting because up to now I've paid annually and they owe me something like 10 months subscription from my current account.
Also, BT owe us oodles of dosh from our bog standard 'phone bill. What they owe us will easily cover the Home Highway removal fee* and, heaven forbid, the re-installation** fee if we can't have ADSL and it has to go back in again.
I'm going to take the opportunity tomorrow to tidy up this dump that I call my office. I'll need to, or the engineer won't be able to get at the terminal box.

* Cheeky gits.
** Very cheeky bastards.

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