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I've just given some away. I was supposed to give last month but the session was on the Friday that Jane ended up in hospital.
When I arrived this morning I was surprised to find hardly anybody there. Now that the Blood Transfusion Service send out questionnaires with the session reminders I thought I was in for a quick turn around. True enough I was, until the needle was withdrawn. The nurse attending to me had bled me last time and had told me all about the new procedures. This included taking the blood samples direct from the needle; something she forgot to do this time. When I asked what could be done I was told that they'd either have to throw the blood away or take the sample from my other arm.
So, after a five minute rest I turned around on the bed and had another needle thrust in me. It's damned lucky I don't mind needles. I then had to have another five minute rest. I eventually left after 45 minutes. I reckon I could have been out in 25 minutes. Never mind, I've done my good deed for the day.
The thing is, I now have dressings on both arms; I look like I've had some strange operation.

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