Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day


I know this entry is out of order but WTF...

The meal at Monroes was as excellent as ever but the big news is that it's been sold. Dave and Jan have been looking for a buyer since May. They were unsure that they would be able to sell it as a going concern especially with Alan, their chef, leaving too. Happily Nobby is staying on and Steve, Alan's one-time number two, is coming back.
So, we're booked in for Saturday 19th October, Dave & Jan's last night. We'll be sorry to see them go but are happy for them. (To be honest, I'm also a tad jealous. They are retiring to Spain in January - not a bad deal when you're in your early 50s. Mind you, they've worked bloody hard over the last 20 years).

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