Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Money, money, money.

Over the last three months Jane & I have had three weeks holiday, a number of weekends away and a fair number of meals out. This has left me short of the full amount required to pay Pat's nursing fees. Consequently, we had to ask Gerry, who holds enduring power of attorney for Pat, to use some of her saving to pay the fees.
When Pat was placed at Mother Redcaps we were told that we would be charged the full fee until she'd been assessed. Once assessed the government would pay some of the fees direct to the home, the amount dependent on her assessment. This should have taken about 8 weeks in total. We are still waiting, 14 weeks later.
I called the home's accountants yesterday to ask what was going on. The nice young lady I spoke to said that they didn't have that information and referred me back to the home. Before I hung up I asked her to confirm how much the October charges would be. It took her longer to find out than she expected because Pat's account had been put to one side. It had a note on it saying that no charges should be made as they're waiting for the results of Pat's assessment.
So, good news. If Pat is assessed as needing both day and night care she should get about £110 per week. A quick calculation tells me that's about £1,540 due back to her for the weeks that have already been paid. This, added to her pension that Jane paid into the account, will cover October's fees easily.
Additionally, Jane has spent the last 2 months filling in an Attendance Allowance application for Pat. By November this should also have come through giving her another £65 per week.

relieved of Wallasey..

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