Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day


I haven't a clue where the weekend went - well, I have actually.
On Friday I was looking forward to a nice lazy weekend at home. Jane had decreed that we should go to the pub but other than that we didn't have any plans.
I left work slightly earlier than I usually do, catching an earlier train from Hemel to Watford.
Then things started to go badly wrong.
I arrived at Watford at 11:40 just as my mobile started to ring. It was Jane. She was still at the doctors but was waiting for an ambulance to take her to hospital. She'd gone to the doctors about her water retention. While she was there she started to feel light-headed and dizzy. After various spells lying down on different beds, and an examination, the doctor declared that she thought it might be a bleed in Jane's head. Lovely. This is not the sort of news I want to hear even when I'm with her, never mind 200 miles away.
I was coming to terms with this when an announcement was made that all trains had been suspended due to a fatality at a station north of Watford. Great, my wife's ill and I'm 200 miles way from her with no easy means to get home. I waited on the platform hoping for more information. Nothing happened for one and a quarter hours and then a Liverpool train arrived and my mobile rang again. Jane had called Pat, our next door neighbour, to ask if she would go to the hospital with her. The call was from Pat. I had to cut her short and ask her to ring back in 15 minutes so I could get on the train. That was a laugh. The train that arrived was actually only 15 minutes late; mine had been cancelled. It was full to the gills with 2 trains' worth of passengers. I had to stand for half the trip, only getting a seat when we arrived at Stafford.
Pat eventually called back to say that Jane was OK and that she was in the receiving ward. I called the ward, just as we arrived at Stafford, and was told that Jane would be able to come home that evening.
I arrived at the hospital at about 5:15. It appears that the tablets Jane was taking to relieve the water retention were too strong and her sodium and potassium levels were low. We eventually got home at about 6:30.
We visited Jane's mum on Saturday and Sunday and shopped on Saturday. It was a mistake for Jane to come shopping though. She had another dizzy spell while we were out.
We did sod-all else.

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