Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Well, that was fun!

I've been back nearly a week. Where did the time go?
Anyway, despite the weather, the holiday was a great success.
We had a visit from Jane's cousin and his wife, Peter and Ann.
They arrived on the island the Tuesday after us (the day Dave et. al. all went back). Once they'd got their bearings, and their hire car, they drove from Sami down to Poros to see us. I arranged with Ann to meet them at the triangle at 11:30. I was quite impressed that Ann knew where the triangle was. I shouldn't have been. I was talking about the junction of three roads with a tri-angular roundabout on it and Ann was talking about the junction of three roads by the square. No matter, we got together in the end and had a pleasant stroll around the back streets of Poros.
The morning had been cool and overcast but brightened up not long after we met them. By the time we'd walked to the harbour it was a glorious day. We sat in a taverna and had some drinks before returning to our side of town. After a light lunch we walked them back to their car.
The rest of the holiday went without incident really. Though there was the burst water pipe.
On the Wednesday morning before we left we were woken up at 6 o'clock by the couple in the next apartment. Initially it sounded as if they were taking a shower. Fair enough we thought; they're on holiday, they can do what they like. However, they then began to walk about talking loudly. Just when I was thinking of getting up to complain we heard another voice. The woman from the apartment below them had arrived to find out where all the water was coming from.
Apparently the cold water pipe under their sink unit had broken, flooding the room. There was so much water it had flowed out on to the balcony from where it was pouring into the apartment below.

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