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Goodbye company.

The rain stayed off last night allowing us to meet Dave, Jo, Andy, Leesha, Anna & Katerina in the open air part of the Cactus Bar.
After a couple of Brandy Alexanders we headed off to Sly's. The meal was good and included some special cheese pies he had on. These turned out to be pizza dough folded over and stuffed with feta & dill. A bit like a Greek calzoni I suppose.
Anna & Katerina left after the food. The rest of us stayed on for a while longer, drinking wine. This included some special stuff that Costas had which was more like dry sherry.
About 12:30 the others left to meet Makis & Maria in the square. We finished off our wine and went back to our room.
I woke this morning to torrential rain. This died off after an hour so I planned to go to the supermarket and the bakery. Luckily I was delayed as it poured down again.
I finally left about 10 o'clock. I called into the supermarket and bought milk before going to Poros House. I arranged to meet them at 12:30 to say goodbye.
After calling in at the baker's I made my way back to our room using a zig-zag patern to avoid all the lying water.
By the time we'd had breakfast, and Jane had gathered herself, it was almost time for the gang's departure. When we got to Poros House Dave was outside waiting for the others to return from shopping.
We sat around talking until their taxi arrived. We waved them off and waited for the rain to stop. While we were waiting Katerina said she hoped that we would still visit now the others have gone. She has quite a low opinion of us at the moment.
As ever, I'm sat on the balcony typing this and Jane is asleep.

I've had a text message from Jo saying their flight is 2 to 3 hours late. The plane hasn't yet left Manchester.

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