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Confusion reigned yesterday. I played SMS football with Jo, trying to arrange the evening's venue. Jo suggested a trip up to Granddad's/The Lighthouse/The Prickly Pear/Maki's - whatever it's called this year; Jane and I wanted to go to Sly's. I explained this and Jo said they planned on going there tonight (Monday) with Anna & Katerina. I suggested making it the other way around which I thought they'd accepted. On re-reading her reply I realise that's not what she meant. Ho-hum. We went to Sly's and they took a taxi to Maki's.
We've had a constant flow of thunder storms over the last 24 hours. The very heavy rain that accompanied them made going out last night a hit and miss affair. However, when we eventually reached the restaurant it was well worth while. Between us we had green beans, roasted green peppers, and fried baby marrow. Jane had a tuna salad and I had stifado. (The baby marrow turned out to be large courgettes).
Today has been very overcast. So overcast we didn't even attempt to go to the beach.
There was a knock on our door at 10 o'clock. It was the owner collecting passport details. He also wanted to see the leaking toilet I reported last night. I don't think he believes us. So, I've a feeling we're going to be stuck with a permanent pool of water on the bathroom floor. We will see.
After he left we got ourselves together and walked up to Poros House. After a chat with everyone, and a visit to Dave & Jo's room to see the new layout, we walked to the square. We had breakfast at Pendelis. Big Nikki is still working there and she blushed when she said hello to me. It seems Jane is right, she does fancy me! I think she has lost weight. If she carries on like that, she will be quite comely next year. No doubt by then she'll have gone off me ;-).
We spent the afternoon in our room. We played Scrabble, drank retsina and slept.
I'm currently sitting on the balcony waiting for Jane. We are due to meet the others, including Anna & Katerina, at the Cactus. We're then going to make our way down to Sly's.

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