Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

So here we are.

A swift train trip on Friday got me home on time.
The only outing we had to do was collect Jane's glasses. While we were in Moreton we went to Pat's house to collect her video. It wasn't there. We're assuming Fran & Gerry have taken it.
After tea Jane continued packing and I juggled money.
Saturday was strange. Our flight to Kefallonia was at 13:35. This is the first time we've ever flown there in daylight hours allowing us to stay in bed until 7:30.
Amazingly, the flight was on time. Unfortunately the promptness of the flight was ruined by the coach trip to Poros. It went via Katelios delivering us up to our accommodation at 9:45, nearly two hours after it had departed from the airport. We'll never do that again. A taxi would have taken about 40 minutes and would have been far more comfortable.
During the coach trip I was bombarded with text messages from Jo and Katerina asking for our location and ETA. When we stopped by Poros House, to drop off people staying at Vanessa, Katernia spotted the bus and got on to say hello. She told us the meal was at 10:30, not 9:30.
After we'd quickly settled in to our apartment we walked up to Katerina's house; nobody was there. Earlier, when I'd givien up playing text message football, I'd called Jo. she told me they were in the bar under the hotel. I took this to mean Anna's little bar but in fact she meant what used to be, in 1988, the Malibu. This is were we found them. Angelo, Anna, Katerina, Jo, Dave, Andy and Leesha.
After a beer in the Cactus we walked back to Katerina's for a meal. As ever, the meal was wonderful. Pastichio, stuffed peppers & tomatoes, fried courgettes, peas & potatoes, tzatziki, salad, dolmades, tiropita and beans. All washed down with retsina and a chardonney wine.
It was very like the old times. Lots of talking, laughing and joking accompanying great food.
We got to bed at 2 o'clock.
Now I'm sitting on the beach by Sly's. It's very breezy and overcast but the sun pops it's head out now and again. There is no sign of the other four. Jane's says they were talking about having "Sunday Lunch" in the harbour. Maybe that's where they are.

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