Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

Monday, Tuesday.

was a busy day. Lots of juggling of money was done in parallel with sneaky bits of coding on the French Lessons web site. This was then followed by loading the car with the cuttings from the Mock Orange and a trip to the tip. Next came mounting 2 hanging basket brackets either side of the front door.
In the evening I booked train tickets for the last week in September and first in October. While the Virgin Value 1st was available for the September dates it wasn't for October's, so I booked a very cheap Standard saver in stead. I hope the new timetable and trains are less crowded. Getting on at Watford, on Friday afternoons, is horrible at the moment. Virtually all the seats in standard class are taken up at London leaving anyone joining later at the mercy of good luck.
was a return to work. While I was at Lime Street I asked about the apparent disappearence of the Virgin Value 1st tickets. As far as the staff knew they should be available with the new timetable. One lady did say that she was aware that some tickets were being withdrawn but that they should be replaced with something similar. We will see.
When I arrived at the B&B in the evening it was nice to discover that I was in a triple, en suite room. Apparently August is always very quiet and Pat thought I might as well have that room rather than let it go empty. This was at least some compensation for the completely inept taxi service that was 20 minutes late picking me up from work. The driver didn't know where I was. No more custom for Choice Sunshine from me.

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