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I've been a very busy boy recently which has led to some my journal entries being very sporadic. Looking back I see my last entry was on Thursday. Thinking about it, I see a pattern emerging. What appears to happen is a post on Thursday and then nothing until Sunday or Monday when there's a summary. This is not surprising really as I'm obviously further away from a PC at the weekend than I am during the week. Tomorrow is the August bank holiday in England so I won't be returning to work until Tuesday. Therefore it's about time...
Work wise Monday through Thursday was hectic. I've been controlling two significant enhancements that are due to go out on our next release. They are both in System Test at the moment and, as quite often happens at this stage, support are changing their minds about what they want. One of the changes, that I specified in great detail from a requirements document, worked almost out of the box. One amendment, to correct an oversight on my part, and it was doing its stuff. Jenny has been system testing it for me, which I am very happy with.
On Thursday a short call to Lisa, in late afternoon, almost broke Jenny's heart. It appears that the way Jenny and I have specified and implemented A26/2001 is not what Lisa, Lynn and David were expecting. We have automated some cross validation of newborn children to Child Care Tax credit periods. As far as the others are concerned this should not have been done and control should be manual via another screen. This came as a great surprise to Jenny and me as the requirements document they passed to us had absolutely no mention of this. It did have a lot of inconsequential wibble about cross validation for the other screen we changed though. Because of this we have now reached a hiatus while Lynn and Lisa decide what to do. Consequently, because Jenny couldn't test any further, work on Friday was quite laid back.

The guy that plays Jimmy Corkhill, from Brookside, was on the train home.

We were supposed to take Tortie to the vets for her boosters but she did a good job of hiding. She's not getting off that easy though. She's going when we get back from holiday.
So, as we couldn't take the cat to the vets, we went to the pub :-)

About 6 o'clock Ed walked in, followed by Glenn, his brother, and Alec, his Dad. Behind him was a white haired guy with a pony tail. Jane wondered who he was and I'm pleased to say I was correct when I guessed it was Peter.
Peter is actually Alec's cousin though Ed claims him as one. He is now semi-retired. I first met Peter when I was working in Glasgow. At the time he'd just finished working behind the bar at the BBC's social club. There is never a dull moment when Peter is around. He is a wonderful raconteur, spicing his stories with a wonderful gay edge.
We were supposed to do a massive shop together, in preparation for the holidays. Unfortunately Jane was unwell so I ended up doing it alone. In the evening we rented The Dish (I love gentle comedy) and ate pasta for tea.
Sunday (today)
A quick trip to Liscard to fulfil what I didn't do on Saturday and then to visit Jane's mum. Unfortunately she's going through a bad period at the moment and doesn't make a lot of sense. Jane really can't cope with this and we had to leave after 20 minutes.
Tea was cumberland sausage, from the freezer, that we bought when we were in Windermere in June.

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