Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

A help line story.

Because Jane's mum is classed as self financing her accommodation she is entitled to something called Attendance Allowance. This can be up to £110 per week, depending on her needs and isn't means tested. Unfortunately, the application form is very complex. It is in two parts. Part one is fairly simple and only requires her personal details and a brief outline of her condition. Part two is a very detailed declaration of her conditions. It also includes sections to be completed by her doctor.
Jane completed part one of the application for Pat before we went to Lefkas. It was returned to her because she had omitted to sign it. After sending it back she received a phone call from a visiting officer. Although it doesn't say on the form, if you apply for the allowance for somebody else, both you and the claimant need to be seen by one of these officers before things can continue. Jane and Pat met an officer, Richard, at the home a couple of weeks ago.
After the visit Jane was told that she must hold Pat's pension book and that payment should be directly into a bank account. All this was sorted.
Because the final step, filling in part two, is so complex there is a help line. Jane arranged for somebody to call her yesterday, after 3 o'clock, to help her complete the form. Guess what? The call never came.
This morning Jane has been muttering things like "stuff them". Unfortunately we can't. Pat needs the money.
I can't wait to find out what the excuse is for them not calling.

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