Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

and on...

Friday saw an email from Morag confirming Gyrth's, Mick's and My contract extensions at the same rate. This means either they've picked on Brian or Spring, our pimp, are trying to pull a fast one. I sincerely hope that it's the latter. I don't see any reason for Brian to be singled out and I'm looking forward to a good argument with the giggly girl who always calls to officially inform me of these things.
We were supposed to go to Liscard and to visit Pat when I got home, but we did neither. I expected to see Ed and Lynn in Stanley's Cask but was disappointed. However, I had a great time watching the women walking in and out of the pub with the sun shine behind them. Randy young men don't die, they just morph into dirty old men.
Saturday saw us doing the shopping we were ment to do on Friday. It was a very warm day. Usually, New Brighton is blessed with an off-shaw breeze that cools the air when it's a hot day. Not on Saturday, there was a breeze, a wind even, but it was warm. The air was thick and stifling, in some way far more uncomfortable than Greece. Neither of us fancied doing much at all so we stayed in and watched Twelve Monkeys. I don't think Jane was too impressed.
Sunday saw us walk to Mother Redcap's in the rain. Pat was naked when we arrived - I'm glad to say I didn't actually see this, but Jane did. Gerry arrived not long after us and seemed in a very cheerful mood. It's probably something to do with the freedom he has at the moment. Fran is in Canada, with Richard, visiting John.
In the evening we hired a copy of Enemy of the state, which was better than I expected it to be. John called at about 7:30.
All weekend, on and off, I've been sneaking into the office and working on the French Lessons web site. It's very basic at the moment, but it'll give Rob an idea of what I'm planning.
Time to get ready for my taxi for the dreaded return to work.

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