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Me on a better day

We have this and this.

We were unsure where we were eating last night. Our visit to Flisvos finished off our initial short list of places to try.
We left the beach with the sun. This gave us plenty of time to relax (I fell asleep) and ready ourselves for the evening. We were sitting on the balcony, all dressed up and ready to go, when it rained again. Thankfully, it was a short burst though it was quite heavy.
Walking Along the main street is starkly different to walking through Poros, even at the height of the season. Didri is busy and noisy. There aren't any proper pavements which makes the journey quite dangerous. You're only relatively safe if you face the traffic - and there is a lot of traffic.
To get away from the noise and bussel we turned left, off the main road, towards the back of the town. A few yards down this road and we were in a different place. It was quiet, peaceful and pretty. Our hopes of finding somewhere to eat in this area were not met, though there were a couple of small hotels. We returned to the main street and found our way back to the harbour.
We had planned to order and eat a mixture of vegetable starters between us. Something that is easy to do in Poros. Unfortunately none of the many restaurants on the front offered much in the way of vegetable dishes. They all appeared to be limited to fried cougettes or aubergines and sweet red peppers. Even worse, as soon as we stopped to read a menu, someone would swoop on us to explain the menu. Why they think pointing out the same dishes that are on every other restaurant's menu would sway us, I don't know. For us, it had exactly the opposite effect. As the menu was difficult to read with somebody's hand and arm moving about in front of it, we couldn't find what we were looking for. I did consider asking about vegetable dishes but I think we would have been lied too; they just wanted a sale. The only restaurant that didn't do this was Flisvos.
Eventually, we decided to return to the restaurant near the hotel, the one that we used on the second night, where we had a nice meal. Jane had Stefado, I had pork souvlaki and we shared some courgettes and peppers.

(Side note: Frank Bruno appears to be talking outside).

This morning the weather is lovely. There are some cloulds but they look light enough to burn off. Hopefully, it will be a good day.

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