Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day


Last night, for our evening meal, we returned to Flisvos. It was quite busy when we arrived, around 9 o'clock, but quietened down not long after. We had:
  • Sweet red peppers

  • Saganaki

  • Fried zuccini

  • Stifado (for Jane)

  • Mousaka (for me)

The mousaka was nice but not up to Katerina's standard (is anything ever?). Jane said the stifado was alright but not as nice as the one I'd had the previous evening.
I had a creme caramel and Greek coffee.
After the meal we walked along the harbour front and ended up in a shoe shop. Still, Jane now has a pair of shoes that feel comfortable when her feet swell up.
I'm sitting on the beach typing this. It's sunny and hot but every now and then we have a few spots of rain. Very strange.

Jane is trying P20 in stead of her usual sun lotion. She's very impatient and doesn't want to wait the 90 minutes before swimming. Of course, we really shouldn't be sitting in the sun either - but who cares? We're on holiday.
While I've been typing this some very large clouds have appeared. Jane's going to go into super moan mode if they don't disappear.

Earlier this morning I wrote a card to Dave Mc. For the first time I've actually used a Greek Vicars character on a card. Dougal Cropper has made is debut.
Jane has written to Ken & June and her Mum. Unlike Poros, Nidri appears to be very short of post boxes. We saw one near the harbour front and that's all. We didn't post the cards Jane had already written because we had forgotten them. I asked Maria where the nearest box was and she said at the main post office - about half way to the harbour. We'll have to remember to post them this evening when we pass.

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