Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

and again

We did go walk about this afternoon.
The main road through Nidri is strewn with gift shops. Jane spotted a hand-bag she liked and some cat ornaments, one or two of which may be coming home with us. We eventually found our way down to the harbour where we walked along the front, past all the restaurants & bars and the statue of Onasis.
A little earllier Jane had declared that she could do with a sit down and a drink so we kept an eye out for a likely venue. Having walked past most of the tavernas (if you can call them that) we settled on Flisvos. This was a prime candidate bcause a lot of Greeks were eating there. The menu also looked better than the others; it didn't proudly proclaim British food. I think we made a good choice. I had a Greek Coffee and butterbeans, Jane had fresh orange juice and a tuna salad. The bread was nice too.
During our meal a lot of people arrived. The few tables that were empty were soon filled, including one next to us. Our new neighbours were two ladies, all dressed in black. When their cover arrived they found they were short of space and one was looking about for somewhere to remove the menu to. I gestured to help but managed to cause confusion by not actually doing anything. This made the lady giggle, which was nice.
We will be eating there this evening if the rain passes.

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