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From Toronto to the Gilpin Valley.

If things had gone to plan I'd be looking forward to 3 weeks holiday now, two of which spent in Toronto.

But Jane had an argument with John. So we decided not to go.

We then planned to have two weeks in the sun.

Then Jane's mum had to go into a home and we couldn't afford to go.

So, as it's our 10th wedding anniversary next Thursday, I was determined to do something special.

About an hour ago I booked us into The Wild Boar in the Gilpin Valley, near Windermere in the Lake District. We spent the second night of our honeymoon there so it's as good a compromise as I'm going to get at this late stage.

I'm looking forward to staying; the food and wine are excellent. With luck I'll have wild boar one night and venison the other (menu permitting).

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