Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
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  • Tue, 12:10: RT @Tonygardner: His website's over-capacity! RT @davidschneider: Seen this yet? It'll cheer you right up
  • Tue, 19:18: The flavour of pineapple juice takes me back to a very happy place. I don't know where or when, but it does.
  • Tue, 21:02: I'm catching up with The Village. Enigmatic, worthy, probably well written and boring as chalk.
  • Tue, 21:22: And I haven't a clue why Meryl Streep is held in such high regard. (this tweet is unrelated to the last grumpy tweet)
  • Tue, 21:32: RT @techiefairy: If you fancy an hour out doing something different this next bank holiday, try my charity #cakebreak for @mssocietyuk h ...
  • Wed, 06:49: I'm on a site visit today. I don't really want to go but at least it'll keep me away from TVs and radios.
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