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  • Sun, 13:35: RT @danieljowen: Conclave explained: Black smoke - no pope. White smoke - pope. Pink smoke - gay pope. Green smoke - low carbon pope. St ...
  • Sun, 19:06: RT @AndrewCritchett: The best thing about leftovers curry. Everything.
  • Sun, 19:06: Final treat for the birthday week: pizza
  • Sun, 19:48: That's one half of the pizza eaten and tomorrow night's tea sorted
  • Sun, 19:56: RT @KateRobbins: Just as Her Majesty thinks the world smells of freshly applied paint, Prince Charles thinks all presenters & camera ...
  • Sun, 20:50: Is there any song vaguely approaching cheerful in Les Miserables, or is it as unrelenting as the title (and adverts) suggest?
  • Sun, 22:16: Dear James Mates, you're a professional presenter & you're reading an autocue. See how "sixth" is spelt? It's not pronounced "sick".
  • Sun, 23:22: Oh shit! I'm back to work tomorrow :-(
  • Mon, 09:15: Nine days off & I'm back in on my head manning the help desk. Oh how I hate Lusers.
  • Mon, 09:34: RT @Daily_Record: Blind campaigner who fought Atos at Holyrood leads battle with benefits bullies
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