Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
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  • Sun, 12:47: Fucking Facebook is getting more & more in the way. I'm sick of following links that end with a requirement to log into it.
  • Sun, 13:19: Dear twitterati if the best you can claim on your profile is that you're a "business owner" don't expect to be following me for long.
  • Sun, 15:38: Now stuffed full of roast pork at The Telegraph in New Brighton. Can I manage a pudding? I'm going to try
  • Sun, 17:42: Forty two years ago.... – Hocus Pocus by @focustheband, from #SoundHound
  • Sun, 19:16: RT @thejohntoolan: I wonder if the Queen is on a hospital ward where 2 nurses are looking after 30 patients?
  • Sun, 19:21: RT @EuropeHedgehog: Please retweet this poster on Hedgehog decline. It'll take a few seconds and no doubt you will be helping save lives ...
  • Mon, 03:31: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Brian Eno (18), Emerson, Lake & Palmer (16) & Ludovico Einaudi (14)
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