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  • Mon, 15:11: Hover over a paperclip icon in Lotus Notes & the popup says "paperclip icon". Factually correct but, ultimately, fucking useless.
  • Mon, 18:50: RT @turbohat: McVey & McGovern. Neighbouring constituencies but McVey spent �7,000 more on accommodation
  • Mon, 18:51: RT @turbohat: Also. McVey's staffing costs are �8360, McGovern �385
  • Mon, 22:23: RT @davvomacca: Djokovic is grunting like a lady tennis player. Man up, lad. #usopen
  • Mon, 22:41: RT @Peck1: #Competition: We have decided to hold 1 prize for Twitter and 1 prize for FB so get involved now and RT and Follow us! It end ...
  • Tue, 08:03: You may express your heart's desire today in a manner that isn... More for Pisces
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