Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 01:19:35: played Assassin's Creed (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • 19:06:54: @ruthsellers I'm probably a bit late now but try Bistro Jacques on Hardman Street.
  • 19:37:13: Me, I'm watching Top of the Pops I am.
  • 20:02:42: J J Barrie, No Charge. People used to buy this shite by the tens if thousands. Stunning.
  • 20:13:03: @CougarJacques I like a ginger pussy, me.
  • 22:02:44: @sbisson I've been using Plume for about a year. I'm still finding stuff that I didn't know about. I think it beats all on Android & iOS.
  • 22:26:16: @sbisson on a tablet? I'm running it on a (now) lowly Desire. It squeezes more in than anything else I've tried.
  • 22:27:38: @sbisson Turn User Colors on for a Technicolor nightmare :-)
  • 23:10:27: @sbisson I take it that it makes good use of the screen? The developer does appear to be very responsive. Sometimes 2 releases in 2 days.

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