Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 12:14:32: RT @TwopTwips: LIBDEM COUNCILLORS. Don't forget to switch on your "Out of Office" message today. /via @MrMoth
  • 14:07:25: @OldPostcards do you know who John Michie's "wife" is going to be?
  • 14:22:50: @OldPostcards I mean, do you know who's going to play her?
  • 14:23:22: @OldPostcards coz, if you don't, that'll come as even more of a shock, I think
  • 14:24:21: @OldPostcards So you did know!
  • 14:26:14: @OldPostcards more that you thought Mr Michie was a surprise - I thought M Collins was even more so
  • 14:33:56: @OldPostcards seems a very odd move on the producers (and her) part. But I suppose the ratings are all that counts.
  • 14:40:31: @OldPostcards Jane's the same, doesn't like to see what's going to happen. I actually don't care - I end up watching because Jane's go it on
  • 14:47:04: @OldPostcards Jane's the same - that and Emerdale (something else I end up watching by default).
  • 15:27:11: @OldPostcards I know. Remember, we had a conversation about Cain Dingle (and if he needs a wash or not!)
  • 17:23:41: RT @LaurasBakery: Any cupcake makers out there willing to help out cancer research by baking 500 mini cupcakes for their promos? I'm una ...
  • 17:23:49: RT @LaurasBakery: date for them, so any help would be greatly appreciated! It is a paid job, but only basic ingredients costs etc! DM me!
  • 17:24:43: I though I was going to relax after work, but no. I've been sent on messages.
  • 23:27:27: OK Hugh Laurie, stop now, that's enough. Don't overstay your welcome.

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