Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 01:22:45: played Assassin's Creed (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • 18:22:58: RT @TwopTwips: UNCLE BEN. Produce the ultimate next generation ready meals by shagging Aunt Bessie. /via @EdRooney
  • 18:23:03: RT @TwopTwips: UNCLE BEN. Produce the ultimate next generation ready meals by shagging Aunt Bessie. /via @EdRooney
  • 18:24:39: @richardm56 You don't fancy DOI? Away to SCD with you then!
  • 18:28:05: It's unlikely to happen but it would be very funny if AV was adopted because of a low turnout.
  • 18:35:15: Last nights YouGov results said 60% no to #AV. Every one if the Tweeters I follow who've said how they're voting have said yes...
  • 18:36:24: ...does that say more about the people I follow, our does it indicate a surprise result?
  • 18:38:48: @peteleay so that's a second get-out they have. The leaflet that arrived implies #AV will only be adopted I'd the boundary changes are...
  • 18:39:09: @peteleay ...voted through.
  • 18:41:09: @turbohat and I'm unlikely to follow Royal Mail types either. Just musing really. Unfortunately, I expect YouGov to be right. :-(
  • 18:45:49: @turbohat :-)
  • 19:08:42: @peteleay I didn't know that about general elections. I voted for AV because I've never liked the idea if people being in with less than 50%
  • 19:12:08: @peteleay that should have been "of people" and "in with". I blame my phone.
  • 19:18:30: @peteleay in a 2 candidate election is effectively always AV. Assuming no abstentions, other than in a dead heat one of the candidates...
  • 19:19:01: @peteleay ... will have > 50%.
  • 19:21:47: @inniebear @peteleay and I think most of the confusion is down to the NO campaign likening it to the winner of a horse trance. That only...
  • 19:23:06: @inniebear @peteleay ...stands up if the winner is decided by the number of people who bet on the horse.
  • 21:14:27: @Lisa_70uk waiting for cheesecake? Aren't we all? ;-)
  • 21:57:09: @Lisa_70uk I'm jealous now :-)

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