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From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:15:00: RT @RealMattLucas: Did you know..... an anagram of 'Wills And Kate Get Married' is ''I Could Not Give A Fucking Fuck'.
  • 00:15:04: RT @RealMattLucas: Did you know..... an anagram of 'Wills And Kate Get Married' is ''I Could Not Give A Fucking Fuck'.
  • 00:47:17: RT @franticplanet: All the Royal Wedding talk means a lot of other news isn't getting any airtime, like Peter Kay murdering all those ch ...
  • 00:47:31: RT @MartinSLewis: Watch for govt and company announcements tomorrow - its a perfect PR opportunity to bury bad news within saturation Ro ...
  • 00:55:27: RT @Faymondo73: Mrs Fay home from a night out with the girls. Would chance an orgy but the gabbing is driving me to bed. Women talk shite.
  • 00:59:47: I love drinking beer & talking to people in pubs. Oh how I miss it. Must remember not to turn the radio or TV on tomorrow...
  • 01:00:41: ...tweet me if there's any gun shots or explosions.
  • 01:19:50: played Assassin's Creed (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • 08:20:05: RT @yorkierosie: 1st bit of bad news to be released today when we're supposed to be looking other way: hospitals told by Monitor to make ...
  • 09:52:31: So that's the Royal Wedding has tag muted. That'll cut out a lot of the crap.
  • 09:59:47: "Water for elephants" what a stupid title for a film. Sorry, *movie*.
  • 10:08:18: @WFEbabe Oh well then, I take it back. It can't possibly be a stupid title if it's the title of a book as well.
  • 10:17:29: I've just uninstalled the worst app I have ever tried to use: SODA from Ipsos Mori. Terrible, terrible software.
  • 11:17:32: @exmoorjane I'm nowhere near the wedding though I suspect that will change soon when Mrs M arrives home.
  • 11:20:45: Wonder if Dodi would have got an invitation?
  • 11:22:07: @inniebear for poorer? Yeh, come the revolution.
  • 11:24:02: @exmoorjane BBC1 coverage continues to 4 o'clock
  • 11:30:23: @exmoorjane @MarissaFarrar @Robert_Dean @TimRelf @guineapig66 @mattdelman @taniaglyde eek, what am I being added to?
  • 11:47:14: @mattdelman @TimRelf @exmoorjane @guineapig66 @marissafarrar @robert_dean @taniaglyde aha! That's OK then.
  • 12:13:13: @exmoorjane @TimRelf @guineapig66 @marissafarrar @mattdelman @robert_dean @taniaglyde I've just brought the bins in.
  • 12:13:51: @exmoorjane @TimRelf @guineapig66 @marissafarrar @mattdelman @robert_dean @taniaglyde now I'm cooking a bacon butty
  • 12:14:51: @exmoorjane @TimRelf @guineapig66 @marissafarrar @mattdelman @robert_dean @taniaglyde next - picking up cat a shit (word carefully chosen)
  • 12:24:45: Jane is playing catchup with the ITV wedding coverage (nowt to do with me). There's some complete and utter tit wearing a see-through trilby
  • 12:38:46: RT @TwopTwips: PRINCE WILLIAM. Ensure your dad has someone to talk to by placing a line of trees in the Abbey. /via @iainchapman
  • 12:40:31: RT @madscouser RT @stephenackroyd Knew he'd turn up! <-KM brilliant!
  • 13:01:41: Three pages into ' Notwithstanding' by Louis de Bernieres and I'm hooked already.
  • 18:11:22: RT @WirralWatch: This got buried today | Big casino for New Brighton. Bugger's Birkenhead's plan for regeneration |
  • 19:02:18: S, S, S but no S (probably)

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