Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 06:11:42: @rantingteacher denim jacket. Hope I wasn't too late.
  • 07:12:01: @rantingteacher second calls often are, though I didn't know @turbohat had beaten me to it when I tweeted :-)
  • 07:56:38: I'm off out for some fresh air and early-ish morning sunshine before starting work.
  • 09:33:03: RT @MelissaCole: Whoever T-Mobile's creative agency is they do deserve a pat on the back - another good one ...
  • 13:06:57: @turbohat @spidertwig Alex was hinting, on twitter at the end of the last series, that she was moving on to a new TV show. No idea what tho
  • 14:57:24: At this very moment I wish I was a cat. Asleep, in the sun, in the garden - like our 2 are.
  • 15:50:07: @rantingteacher What foreign part are you in?
  • 16:33:19: @OldPostcards I like the dogster's shades, did he take them off to go in the water? ;-)
  • 16:51:59: RT @liverpoolphil: A fab opportunity to work @liverpoolphil . We're looking for a Programme Manager for all our non-classical events htt ...
  • 18:53:22: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Talking Heads (16), Kraftwerk (11) & Frank Zappa (6)
  • 21:17:06: @turbohat Losing F1 to Sky? Blame the people who are daft enough to pay the Evil Empire a subscription. Remember when adverts meant free?
  • 21:39:02: RT @hmusther: :o( byebye Sarah Jane Smith
  • 23:11:48: RT @colmmu: Remember that according to Terminator prophesy, Skynet goes operational today and will attack us on Thursday. That is all.

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