Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-18-2011

  • 01:19:31: played Assassin's Creed (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • 09:42:50: RT @qikipedia: All blue-eyed people are mutants. The first blue-eyed human only appeared about 5,000 years ago.
  • 11:15:55: @richardm56 YES
  • 13:21:13: @richardm56 Should also point out that first-past-the-post is not like a horse race. If it was, it would be the candidate that had all...
  • 13:21:51: @richardm56 ...their votes counted first would win. Nothing to do with how many votes they actually got
  • 14:04:59: @spidertwig I'm not sure what's going on (and don't need you to tell me) - but my thoughts are with you both, if that helps.
  • 16:17:19: Zappa: Son of Mr Green Genes. [sigh] Very happy memories.
  • 16:28:36: @aletalk In which case, I forgive you!
  • 16:31:27: @OldPostcards My favourite place? Poros on the Greek island of Kefallonia. If you've got an old card of there, I'll be duty bound to buy!
  • 16:41:22: RT @OldPostcards: Liverpool Echo write up on yesterday's Wirral Egg Run
  • 16:42:22: RT @delbius: Bulk emails purportedly from Twitter that offer verification, unlimited powers, or to prevent deletion: not real. Don't giv ...
  • 17:08:57: @OldPostcards Some of the restaurants and bars have old photos of the town back in the 1950s & early 60s. You got any pre 1988?
  • 21:32:00: RT @TwopTwips: PUBS. Show non-stop footage of Prem League goals on TV screens. No one will notice men kissing & hugging openly. /via @gd ...
  • 21:50:18: @turbohat I reckon the Playtex thing is an inappropriate reaction to Alex's appearance in the last series. She was pregnant and very mumsy.
  • 22:00:48: Alex "posh bird" Polizzi!
  • 22:27:47: @spidertwig It's a pity this is Alex's last Inspector series. I liked Ruth Watson too, but Alex is the business!
  • 22:35:22: "total support of the majority" pardon?
  • 22:39:02: @spidertwig I prefer Alex because she swears less. So when she does swear, it really counts :-)

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