Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 01:22:42: played Assassin's Creed (360) in the last 24 hours.
  • 09:54:33: @Cupcake_Rev I was surprised at the results too. I left my choc caramel until last (saving the best til last etc.) :-)
  • 09:59:54: Do you do requests?*
    Please get Boo Hewerdine's recently reformed band, The Bible, in to perform with the orchestra.

    *I know you don't :-)
  • 10:03:56: @simonmayo "Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess". Go on, I dare you - play a bit of it!
  • 10:05:43: @simonmayo on a more sensible note: Does Smile by Liverpool Express fit the bill?
  • 12:11:41: @techiefairy I was once asked "You're supposed to be so good, why do you read manuals?". My reply was "I'm good because I read the manuals".
  • 12:27:44: @techiefairy As Kate Bush (sort of) said - Knowledge. Sat in your lap.
  • 13:20:16: RT @davecoveney: RT @rachelholgate: For those who don't know, take a look at this link: #Yes2AV <- a clear expla ...
  • 13:23:44: @techiefairy If you did "LMAO" you couldn't claim it was nice any more!
  • 15:08:54: Everyone sing: "We've got open arms for broken hearts like yours my boy, come home again" - Open Arms, Elbow
  • 15:11:38: @StuartMaconie look, if you're going to be pedants, despite popular belief, there's no such place as THE Wirral. It's Wirral. There. Grump.
  • 15:39:17: @spidertwig Crepe!
  • 15:59:36: @spidertwig Thank you. I have anew foodstuff to explore - I've never heard of crespella before. 53 and still finding new things to eat!
  • 17:41:23: @RadioTimes move Dr Who to 3 in the afternoon. I never get to see TV that's on at that time & that'll suit me fine.
  • 17:43:44: @spidertwig Yes, Goggle was my friend. Really not a seafood fan unfortunately.
  • 19:02:35: RT @staringispolite: cool! @postagram turns your @instagram photos into postcards sent right from your iPhone for $0.99.
  • 19:21:52: @BBCRebeccaPike I think the comparison to a horse race is bordering on fraudulent.

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