Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 13:09:37: @runpaintrunrun Do you just dislike bacon or is it (I'd guess) a diet thing?
  • 15:02:43: @runpaintrunrun I understand now. Must have been a really nasty shock - hope you've recovered now.
  • 15:23:45: RT @turbohat: @CllrJeffGreen .... no I want nothing to do with this so-called "celebration". <KM Neither do I
  • 17:10:57: Listening to ima by Asaf Sirkis.
  • 18:03:16: Apparently a personal financial assistant to Col. Mumar Quadafi wants to share $35m worth of US bonds with me. There's even a link to...
  • 18:05:04: ...a BBC news article so I can verify that his assets have been frozen [titter ye not].
  • 18:09:03: Cripes, I followed somebody earlier and they now have less followers than when I first looked at their profile.

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