Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 00:01:44: RT @TwopTwips: BRITAIN. Don't switch over to a +1 channel at 1am as you may destroy the space-time continuum. /via @Alan_Machnik
  • 01:25:51: RT @bramcohen: "90% of coding is debugging. The other 10% is writing bugs"
  • 08:41:13: There's a complete and utter tit on GMS trying to force his simplistic view of religion onto non-believers. Knob.
  • 12:12:34: Phil hammered me at badminton today. I'm not having this - going to have to get my act together for next week.
  • 13:37:56: @petemc congratulations!
  • 14:14:17: @rantingteacher Where is this garden centre with the fabulous salad?
  • 16:36:04: @KevinWMoor So what's this all about?
  • 17:53:39: RT @RealDMitchell: People are telling me that Carling Black Label is from Canada! And to think people say it's a harmless country.
  • 19:50:59: @OldPostcards Your birthday? Happy Birthday!
  • 20:55:36: Graze Golden Pineapple Rings. Yum!
  • 21:28:44: @CougarJacques Elephant toe would be more appropriate.
  • 21:48:01: @CougarJacques She hasn't got a box, she's got a crate. I'll will stop now :-)
  • 21:52:12: Purple lippy looks very odd.
  • 22:11:36: @CougarJacques Very good! TBH, Maria's costume was actually far more revealing.
  • 22:39:06: @CougarJacques I can't place HW, but I'm damned sure you're right about KK being good for a night out.

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