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Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-26-2011

  • 10:36:47: The Seaside Cafe
  • 10:37:42: Sneaky breakfast
  • 11:21:38: @happytyskie tea (sadly) sometimes doesn't agree with me in the mornings. There was a big mug of milky coffee just off camera :-)
  • 11:28:35: I was fed up with @wossy on Radio 2 but at least the music was generally good. Graham Norton is playing some complete and utter shite.
  • 11:29:43: @CougarJacques yes, I live at the seaside.
  • 11:34:00: @runpaintrunrun ahem! Despite popular belief & usage there's no such place as THE Wirral - only Wirral.
  • 12:20:07: @CougarJacques I've basically lived by the sea all my life, save for a short time in Glasgow. I miss it when I'm away
  • 12:25:34: @CougarJacques does he swap the fork to his right hand & then chase the food around the plate? Very inefficient way to eat.
  • 12:35:48: Ronan Keeting: why?
  • 12:42:03: @CougarJacques Sadly New Brighton is a shadow of its former glorious self though supposedly due a renaissance because if new investment.
  • 12:44:31: @CougarJacques I know somebody who only eats with a fork. Used to drive me nuts watching him trying to cut lamb chops up with it. Shudder.
  • 12:50:11: @CougarJacques If you've added New Brighton as a destination I'd suggest you leave it at least a year. Wait until the new development's done
  • 12:51:55: @CougarJacques and faded isn't really the right word for NB any more. Wiped from the map is now closer to the truth.
  • 12:54:53: @CougarJacques fork on its own is OK for stuff that's easily lifted but a knife makes the mechanics much easier. I blame the yanks.
  • 13:00:33: @CougarJacques supposed to be leisure but that had to include a supermarket. This will explain better
  • 13:09:00: @CougarJacques I'm pleased to report that the doughnut shop has dropped the "America"prefix it adopted a few years ago. Really don't...
  • 13:09:55: @CougarJacques ...why so many people equate American with "better".
  • 13:49:08: Me, I don't like that. In fact, I actively dislike it.
  • 13:52:27: @KaveyF Why have you sent your new car back? What was wrong with it?
  • 14:13:30: @angelaeagle what makes you think Cameroon will listen? Your government didn't when the people didn't want the country to invade Iraq.
  • 14:15:45: @KaveyF sorry, I obviously missed that - I'll look for it
  • 14:19:58: @KaveyF oh that's such a pity. Glad it wasn't just a bad car.
  • 14:29:59: I'm at The. Vicar's Gaff in Wallasey
  • 16:56:38: They carried sticks and & wore white clothes with berks on them, to stop them creeping up on people.
  • 16:58:09: No one likes an unexpected Morris Dancer. © Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith.
  • 17:10:55: @inniebear first Tiffany book I've read. Had a W H Smug gift card for my birthday. Used it to get a load of books...
  • 17:13:09: @inniebear the Tiffany book by mistake. Thought I was picking up a diff Pratchett. Going OK so far tho not very far in.
  • 17:20:00: Who turned the Boat Race into such a pantomime? Was it this Kiss Changes company? What a silly name for a company. Wonder what they do.
  • 17:25:01: @inniebear can't really say at the mo but I'll make sure I don't post any spoilers, just in case. I'm a big fan of the ' adult' books too.
  • 17:28:56: @inniebear ah, that figures. Don't really know why I'm watching the tosh. Think It'll go and put the tea on.
  • 18:14:17: @ahnlak arf! Very good!
  • 18:15:00: The chili, she is bubbling away.
  • 18:29:34: Just had a look at the Xchanging web site. I'm still not sure what they do.
  • 18:32:15: @TweeterofWit The sat nav worked, they got there. Just not fast enough. Mustn't have had it set to quickest route :-)
  • 18:35:51: Cambridge have deffo got the best wellies though.
  • 19:00:04: @inniebear arf! You made me laugh out loud!
  • 21:40:50: Chili eaten, accompanied by garlic bread made with a Dodgeson's french stick. m.m.m.

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