Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-24-2011

  • 12:56:48: @simonmayo Is Babe by Styx too obscure for tonight's theme?
  • 16:06:53: Listening to New Orleans by Al Hirt.
  • 16:52:37: RT @lickedspoon: Why commas still count RT @olly_richards Brilliant sub fail, on the COVER! (via @leeunkrich ...
  • 17:10:18: RT @TwopTwips: SAVE all the hassle of formal medical training by becoming a doctor's receptionist. /via @benschott
  • 18:10:49: @7streets For many pubs "garden" is pushing it.... "yard" would be a better description. c.f. Dr Duncans.
  • 18:19:25: Listening to All the Way From Memphis by Mott the Hoople.
  • 18:33:17: @7streets Ye Cracke's garden is really a yard too, but it's far more pleasant and I suppose not strictly city centre.
  • 18:52:59: Listening to Honaloochie Boogie by Mott the Hoople.
  • 20:02:13: My name is Eddie Balls and I am THE SHADOW CHANCELLOR!
  • 20:27:04: I'm due to give blood again tomorrow. I hope it goes better this time. The previous couple of times were near disasters.
  • 22:35:43: Currently watching Monroe: this strange peripheral out-of-focus camera effect is getting on my wick.
  • 22:36:55: Is it a new toy that TV directors have to play with?

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