Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-22-2011

  • 09:10:39: Here's a pic I took @ Vale Park
  • 09:16:28: Here's a pic I took @ Vale Park Promenade Gates
  • 11:02:02: RT @ahnlak: Dear - when emailing me to tell me you've had your customer database stolen, please don't tell me to "be vigilant" ...
  • 11:02:59: @ahnlak Arf! I got the email too - and thought very much the same thing.
  • 11:22:52: @ahnlak Great - glad you like them! Give Mostly Autumn a go too.
  • 12:21:51: @simonmayo How about Tuxedo Junction by Manhattan Transfer? Two references for the price if one!
  • 12:24:12: @ahnlak and that recommendation came from somebody who isn't on Twitter. It even works with a degree of separation :-)
  • 13:08:49: @ahnlak Go on then, what's your user-id on Napster? I'm my alter-ego on there - GreekVicar
  • 13:11:17: @the_karenhardy I think at 70 he's allowed to have anything he likes for breakfast :-)
  • 13:20:06: @TVAlisonGraham What? You suddenly think Boyd is going to play by the rules? He's ignored PACE for as long as the programme's been running
  • 18:29:22: RT @ChrisBulow: RT @vilpponen: "AT&T to wed T-Mobile. Following the ceremony, there will be no reception." /via @hvcco
  • 19:12:37: @CougarJacques thank you :-) It was first of the feature too!
  • 19:45:58: RT @Its_Death: It's nice to see that, with the money he's saved up, David Cameron has treated himself to a war.
  • 22:42:38: @CougarJacques that was more a rhetorical statement (if such a thing exists). I was just chuffed to get a solo name check :-)
  • 22:46:15: @CougarJacques Kleftiko is Mrs Moor's fave Greek meal. I quite like out too.

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