Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 00:21:16: @KaveyF I don't drink at all while I'm eating so I can't do the matching thing.However I can recommend orange juice & tonic water.
  • 07:15:38: RT @EmmaK67: But that to one side, let's end the evening with the greatest picture ever taken. Ever. Just ever.
  • 09:57:00: @KaveyF By that I mean I don't intersperse mouthfuls of food with swigs of liquid. I'll have a bevvy before and after, of course!
  • 10:05:05: @KaveyF There are others like me, but I think I'm in a minority
  • 10:06:39: RT @TwopTwips: UK GOVERNMENT. Aircraft carriers are pretty handy for enforcing no fly zones. /via @enigma_alex
  • 11:20:35: Just booked my David Gray tickets at @liverpoolphil. Free seats were disappearing at an alarming rate. Only 'cheap' seats left now.
  • 14:16:57: Actually, it was yesterday evening... @ ASDA Seaview Road
  • 14:26:15: @ajhmurray If that's Daffy from N'Dubz, I'd love to hear a conversation between him and Jedward.
  • 14:37:22: @runpaintrunrun Where is Bjork playing and when?
  • 15:19:47: @runpaintrunrun Thanks, it's not for me, it's for a friend (that sounds like a lie, doesn't it?)
  • 16:11:45: Just clicked the similar artists button while viewing Boz Scaggs on We7. It listed Cheryl Cole. #fail #we7 @we7
  • 16:32:14: Listening to Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band.
  • 16:43:25: @ajhmurray Whoever you bare, don't bare Big Des who once said to me "why waste calories on food?".
  • 17:09:43: Listening to Serenade by Steve Miller Band.
  • 17:44:56: Listening to Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band.
  • 18:18:00: Listening to The Window by Steve Miller Band.
  • 22:03:21: Oh there's Cock-er-Nees on the tele. Gor blimey, love a duck #rnd

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