Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-15-2011

  • 09:04:54: I'm at Vale Park
  • 10:51:13: Listening to Peter Gabriel 3 by Peter Gabriel on @we7
  • 13:21:49: @pcpro Don't you mean it's been Jobianized?
  • 13:34:44: @OldPostcards I worked for Owen Owen in the mid to late 80s. At their head office above T J Hughes on London Road
  • 14:20:24: @OldPostcards It was a strange place to work. They had a very small IT department and odd attitude to their workers.
  • 14:23:02: @OldPostcards had to be there 9 to 5 even if they'd worked until late the previous night (doing stuff that couldn't be done during the day)
  • 14:23:51: @OldPostcards It was very old-school privately owned company attitude.
  • 14:38:17: I don't Remember from Peter Gabriel's 3rd solo album, fabulous:
  • 16:11:15: @inniebear If that's a possibility of work, congratulations. In fact, congratulations whatever it's the end of.
  • 16:15:39: @spidertwig As you've said before, many businesses - never mind restaurants - don't get Twitter
  • 16:23:40: @spidertwig As a customer I can tell you that you did a fine job. As far as I'm concerned you interacted with your customer base perfectly.
  • 16:39:21: @spidertwig I have no answer, sorry! Before now I've unfollowed a couple of accounts that, as you say, were just shouting at me.
  • 20:36:50: @KaveyF the web site says you can fill it in before that date and return it. You have to guess how well you will be feeling on the day
  • 20:49:03: Baked chicken and vegetables for tea. Oh, I'm hungry.
  • 21:26:20: @KaveyF I agree and there is the (admittedly outside) chance that somebody could die! I don't remember it being this lax ten years ago.

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