Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-13-2011

  • 10:17:38: Back home late last night after watching Nearly Dan and a nice lie in this morning. Now for some toasted hot cross buns.
  • 11:26:52: @OldPostcards Oh, years ago BT used to have a number you could call to hear all the different tones for other countries
  • 13:36:57: @MikeMcGWirral Mike you probably know about this site already but just in case It's run by a friend of mine.
  • 15:23:13: @MikeMcGWirral the web site is called Ale Talk - as I didn't mentioned it in the original tweet
  • 17:51:21: Blackcurrent and Cream and Butterscotch Crunch @ The Ice Cream Shop
  • 17:58:06: @petemc I'm happy to suggest Last Pass as a good password management app.
  • 19:32:21: I see @itvnews is at it again. There've shipped out Julie Etchingham to Japan. What benefit is there to that?
  • 21:01:02: @turbohat I'm pleased to say I don't give the Evil Empire any money so I wouldn't know. Ain't Sky News just the thoughts of Fuhrer Murdoch?
  • 21:17:42: @rantingteacher Do you ever have to tell your class off for not following instructions? Or is it just a case of do as I say, not as I do?
  • 21:55:34: @rantingteacher Front of the census form. "To be completed on or soon after 27th March" (or some similar wording)
  • 22:00:26: @rantingteacher saved by a post form filling Goggle eh? ;)

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