Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-07-2011

  • 08:35:39: Just blocked some tit who's declared they're happy to use twitlonger on the back of a RT. Get a blog dickhead.
  • 10:05:20: Off to Liscard to do things various - including scoffing a sneaky cooked breakfast.
  • 10:31:27: @JoboPooks wasn't quite sure where since the Coffee Roast closed. Currently waiting to try out the Willow Tree's offering.
  • 10:32:42: Sickly moggie's tablets ordered. Now drinking coffers waiting for breakfast to arrive.
  • 10:38:10:
  • 10:41:00: looking good.
  • 12:31:41: Back from shopping with 52 quids north of books.
  • 12:32:44: North of books? *worth* of books.
  • 17:43:18: @JonBloor interesting document but there's no such place as "The Borough of THE Wirral".
  • 17:52:06: @JonBloor I didn't (wouldn't) know that about the Magna Carta, but it doesn't surprise me :-)
  • 18:21:28: According to this here survey Apple iPhone make fridges, dishwashers, air conditioning and microwaves. I ain't holding one of them to my ear

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