Me on a better day (kevinwmoor) wrote,
Me on a better day

From Twitter 03-06-2011

  • 01:19:47: Local fact no.1 (in a highly unlikely series): the official name of the clock on the Royal Liver Building is "Great George".
  • 09:52:58: Woooaaah. What a lovely lie-in.
  • 10:14:33: Does Susanna Reid from BBC Breakfast ever go home?
  • 12:23:05: @turbohat she was on Andrew Marr this morning in what looked like her Sunday best. Maybe she nips in and does a bit on the way to church :-)
  • 12:26:23: RT @CocoChar: House burgled tonight. Both cars stolen. Nottingham. T516kbo and x363wev if seen please call police? Can we get a RT? Chee ...
  • 12:32:35: @KaveyF I'm up & showered. Didn't wake till 7 and stayed in bed. Lovely!
  • 12:40:48: @petemc I followed a pro photographer (Ed Book) on and he did nothing but "make" photographs.
  • 12:45:31: @KaveyF it is when you've spent most of your working life rising at 5:30 or 6 in the morning :-)
  • 14:37:00: @SarahMillican75 Wolverhampton was the centre of my universe for 10 years when I worked there. Fab place, fab people. Say hello for me! :-)
  • 17:04:12: Juliet Mills in Carry on Jack. Mmmmm, takes me back to being a little boy who didn't quite understand...
  • 20:02:02: @CougarJacques *sits at back of class, chews gum, plays with hair & hitches up skirt* <- you'm my type of gal!
  • 20:33:25: @CougarJacques and I never had the guts to talk to girls like that at school. But I'm talking to you now.[sigh] ;-)
  • 21:16:32: @CougarJacques I was the uncool guy adopted by the cool guys. Still great friends with them all - they changed my life.
  • 23:09:02: @turbohat I can reply to both film questions with the same answer: Young Frankenstein.

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